Blog #0464

9.02am – It’s the start of another day! A lazy day perhaps. Initially had planned to meet an old friend but now I’m seriously contemplating that idea… Somehow… the idea of staying at home to accompany the two little ones seems so much better than hanging outside when you are darn tired. *LOL* I’m old. *LOL* GOOD DE MORNING!! ^^

10.07am – Owing another 160+ blog posts. Hmm… would I (honestly) be able to finish it? Hmm…

10.22am – DAMN IT! There’s so many new courses!! Ah…!!!

10.58am – Dark clouds loomed over the whole city. The air was still for a brief moment. Everyone paused.

“IT’S COMING! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!” I exclaimed.

… … … …

“It’s just rain, girl…” – THAT, kills the imagination.

11.26am – There really is a difference once you are married, and especially when you have a baby. I… totally don’t feel like meeting any friend, who isn’t that important in my life anymore. I guess, only that few of them have got the priority, such as… ah girl, nana, the sun, summer and the bunch of JC peeps! Well, what can I say… these are the peeps, the true friends indeed, who had always been there for me through the ups and THE downs. Remember, it’s the QUALITY, not the QUANTITY.

1.05pm – OKAY! Got the idea for the Christmas tree. Now… the materials…

2.08pm – Hmm… saw another lady in my company, who just came back from maternity. She’s washing the pumps too! I am not alone… *grin*

3.04pm – Hungry? Time for a quick munch!! A BIG thank you to the CEO’s secretary!

10.58pm – Poor little milkie. Slept half way and woke up. What’s worse? Milk flowed out from her nose. *Ouch* Must be painful…

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