Blog #0467

8.55am – I’m pretty sure it’s because I’ll be going for a holiday soon (which means I won’t have to work) that got me into such a great and hyper mood for a Monday! GOOD MORNING PEEPS! It’s a brand new week and I’m all up for it! Other than the fact that I’ll need to “abandon” my adorable little milkie behind for that few days, otherwise, I am DEFINITELY looking forward to everything. But alas, there’s still so many things pending. 2 days. Must make sure that I make full use of these 48 hours to achieve as much as possible! So let’s GANBATTE together!!

10.40am – Woo… how time flies when you are working. *LOL*

11.34am – Ah… Paper shredder’s gone…

1.43pm – AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY HANDPHONE IS FLAT! *Pray my town doesn’t get attacked!*

2.13pm – Hmm… I thought I just reminded her last Friday, just before she did the report? And I even showed her how to tally the numbers, to double check. So why… is… it… still… wrong…? Sigh…

3.33pm – WOOHOO! I just smashed a town of its gold and elixir, and stole at least 100k+ of gold, and 50k+ of elixir! Luckily destroyed 51% of its building in the nick of time, and won the war! Life’s good! ^^ Okay, back to work. *whistling to the joy*

4.02pm – Time for a short break. *Yawn* So fast and the day’s ending.

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