Blog #0468

8.16am – Tiny droplets of rain patted on my face as I crossed the road and made my way to the bus stop. I’m not so late, I thought. Nice way to start for a morning. By this time tomorrow, I’ll probably be in another country,¬†thousands of miles¬†away from the little one. Ah… I missed her already… The sweet smile which greeted me every morning. Her cute little fingers that held (sometimes scratching) on to my arms while she’s sitting on my lap. Damn. Maybe it’s not really that good an idea to go travel… but… but… but… sigh…

11.05am – Felt somewhat distracted today. The mind can’t seem to focus, and the body feels weak. Am I falling sick?

12.54pm – Slightly better after the power nap.

1.51pm – The birds circled the sky as the storm approaches. Are they trying to convey a message? Are they trying to warn the rest?

2.10pm – For a moment, I thought I’m really going crazy…

(Me called home)
Me: Dad, can you help me to take out my red colour luggage later? Very light red, like pinkish one.
Dad: Oh okay, the pink colour one ah?
Me: Very light red. Not really pink.
(Mum in the background ~ why she wants to use her sister’s luggage?)
Me: No no, I’m taking my luggage. Dad, can you pass the phone to mum?
Mum: Hey, why you want to take your sister’s luggage?
Me: No, I don’t meant that one, I meant my one, pinkish, but not pink. It’s red.
Mum: The red one throw away already.
Me: No, I don’t meant the one that we threw away. It’s the big big one, very light red colour one.
Mum: You where got buy red colour luggage?? Yours is black colour! You dreaming ah?!!
Me: I where got buy black colour luggage??!!! Mine is red colour mah. One big and one slightly smaller.
Mum: No la! Yours is black! You bought it at $100 for one big and one small. You crazy ah?
Me: Huh? I thought mine is red? I never buy any black colour luggage before.
Mum: Never mind, never mind, later I show it to you.
(Me thinking – WTH. Am I really dreaming?)

(Me called sister)
Me: Sis, what’s the colour of my luggage? The big one.
Sis: Reddish?
Me: You sure?
Sis: Uh huh. One big one small.
(Me thinking – TMD)

2.44pm – My mum seemed to have brainwashed me with the “You are dreaming” repeatedly. And now… I’ll need to try and overwrite it… (starts listening to songs)

3.19pm – Hmm… is my luggage still in good condition? Or did I spoil it…? And got the black one? Hmm… Die…

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