Blog #0471

9.30am – A very good morning to all the peeps around the world! It’s Monday, the start of a new week, and now I’m back in office, getting ready to start my day! A pity that the holidays ended a little fast though. Nonetheless, it’s quite a nice break from everything, especially from the monotonous work that I’m doing. Had a little shock a while earlier as I checked my email – over 500+ emails in my Inbox, thanks to a colleague of mine. Had no idea what’s happening, so am going to check with him later on in our weekly meeting at 10.30am. Woo… hope by then I’ll be more awake.

Tons of work (personal or at work) awaiting for my attention now. Not sure which one to handle first. Guess that has always been my problem – handling too many things at a time. Gee… just notice the time. Think I better go and pump my milk now. Otherwise, the timing will go hay-wire later on. Sigh. Never mind. Ganbatte! (to be continued…)

10.05am – Back from the pump, and my admin is missing, with her computer. Hmm… thinks her computer got sent into the hospital yet again. *LOL*

10.38am – Having my weekly meeting with the team now. It’s going to be a damn busy financial year with that change in all the GOALS that the new VP (previously Director) had set. Oh my my my… how am I going to cope with all these…? Hmm…

11.23am – The mind is drifting… away…

11.48am – Urgh. I’m going to be reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaal busy soon… and the worst thing is, I don’t think I can take any leave or mc from now on, since my colleague will be going on a very long leave, and I had to cover part of his work too. Urgh.

11.55am – Brain clot. Overcrowding. Traffic jam. A, B… or Z first? *Pulls hair*

1.56pm – Back from lunch and pump. Again. Too many things on my plate for me to decide which one to start first. Oh. I hate this part.

3.09pm – An hour had passed and yet, instead of spending it to clear my work, I spent it on trying to get the right tools for the planning. Ah… planning again. I’m forever planning but not executing it. When will I start the execution? I mean execution of my TO-DOs and not execution of myself… Hmm… Not sure, but I better do it fast or else it’s really going to be the latter instead.

5.03pm – This is BAD. I just spent the whole day doing NOTHING! Urgh…

5.44pm – Trying ways and means to get my life organized again. Now… will I be late for my facial first of all? Better start packing up soon and search on the way.

5.48pm – Okay. That does it. Let’s just pray that this one works!

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