Blog #0473


9.14am – Oh my… my head is spinning… Am I that lack of sleep?

9.33am – Breakfast done! Let’s get cracking!!

9.48am – Pumping milk is really disruptive. Can hardly do much, and then it’s time to pump again. But I can’t stop! It’s little milkie’s food! And she’s so adorably cute!

10.33am – Head still spinning. Eyes closing. Heart racing. I need to breathe.

10.43am – Blasting my ears with the song “Insomnia” by Craig David. How contradicting life can be? That’s one of the last thing that could happen to me now (thankfully for that). I need to get and keep my engine up and going! FAST!!! Ahh…………………!!!!!!!

11.45am – One adhoc meeting down. What’s next? Ah! My dressing sucks! Damn the figure. I’m beginning to dislike myself.

2.52pm – Let’s continue with the blasting and then try to list out all the things that I need to do, again. Too cluttered in my head. Couldn’t see all of it. And the previous list doesn’t seem to be that accurate.

4.31pm – Time for the last pump at work but let me finish this muesli bar first. Cleared one thing. Dozens more to go. And my handphone kept buzzing thanks to my friends, who were discussing about Note 2 and Nexus for almost the whole of today. Think I shall set the group chat notification to OFF. It’s… very… distracting… and… irritating…

4.52pm – It actually is quite a nice time to pump in the office, in that small meeting room. Some peace and quiet.

5.44pm – OKAY! LET’s SPONSOR ANOTHER CHILD! ^^ Wished I’m earning more, then I could help out a few more others. Poor little thing… they shouldn’t be born into this world to suffer… Anyway, let’s try and make this world a little better!

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