Blog #0474

6.39am – Why does it feels that cold… a little damp… hmm… *Open eyes* The sky is becoming bright. Did I miss the wee hours pump AGAIN? O.O *Screaming in head*

6.45am – Did my alarm clock not ring again? Hmm… but I totally have no recollection of me hearing the alarm, and then waking up to shut it off. And then I DID increase the volume. So who switch it off for me… and never wake me up? *Stares at the ‘pig’ that’s sleeping away with the mouth wide open*

8.49am – Rushing. Rushing. Rushing. No time to rest. Ah! It’s already Friday and I haven’t finish a lot of my things! BUT which one first?!!

11.47am – Finally got the time to sit down and catch a breather. My tea has already turn cold. My stomach crying out for food. My table is in a mess. And my head is spinning. The weekends not going to help, since I need to do some baking for my cake decoration class next week. Oh, this is terrible. Everything is so messy!

4.46pm – WTH. My Friday is like… &%#%)#%&!@&%)( *BREATHES IN*

6.00pm – On this sucky, rainy day, after a tiring and breathless day at work, with me carrying an extremely heavy bag and a lappie, and seeing a familiar car driving past my office, and the hotlines for cabs are all engaged… suddenly, and unfamiliar but warm voice, like those of an angel, spoke over my shoulder. My saviour! He booked an extra cab!

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