Shopping – Dyel @ Vertex Tower B

Seeing the look on my face, it’s very apparent that I’m a totally satisfied customer. If only I was as slim as before (9kg lesser), I would have gotten at least double the amount! And that would also have driven my mum crazy, considering the fact that her house is cluttered with a lot of my stuffs here and there. *LOL*

Well, let’s just say I went on an extremely early lunch, dragging my admin along, to the Dyel warehouse sale, located at 33 Ubi Ave 3 (Vertex Tower B), level 6, which will be held today and tomorrow (from 11am to 7pm). From my knowledge, this is a local brand, designed by young Singaporeans. And I LOVE (to the point of adore) their unique designs. It’s just too bad that it usually cost at least $50 for a top, and $80 and above for a dress. And for me, I usually (at least I try not to) don’t buy too expensive a clothing.

Nonetheless, I did buy quite a number of items today – 8 pieces in total, all wearable to my current size, which seems to have increased from an XS to an S (or even M). Alas… what to do, when you have bigger boobs and ass. *LOL*

Good workmanship. Nice design. Friendly sales personnel (or probably the designer themselves) helping around. And lastly… CHEAP! The price range from $9 to $29 for this warehouse sale.

And also, heard from them that there’ll be another Christmas sale coming up from 1 December onwards. But that won’t be as cheap as this, and should be available in their retail store, which is located at Marina Square and 313@Somerset.

Okay, that’s all for my fast and furious shopping trip!


There’s another warehouse sale going on now! Until 6 Feb 2015. But it seems like this brand is going full online. I’m pretty sure there wasn’t enough sales to cover those rental fees, and thus the decision to go online all the way.

Anyway, the price for top and bottom is $9 each. And dress is $19, which is definitely a good buy. Go! Go! Go!

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