Blog #0480

9.03am – I’m on-time today! And am already starting work at this point. Sigh… but early in the morning, I saw mistakes again… Sigh… not from me of course… Never mind, I shall do some additional checks then. Anyway, GOOD MORNING!

9.37am – PUKE BLOOD AH!!

9.41am – HAHA! I caught you! I’m sorry, but there goes your access rights to change those things. Who asked you to anyhow change it and then got caught. Too bad! *In the mood to catch people*

10.10am – KILL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12.19pmĀ – Didn’t manage to do much except to clear up the data. Sigh… Let’s take a break and have my lunch now, in my seat. *’Shuts down’ PC*

2.43pm – Okay, let’s organize a little bit before proceeding from here. Too much information. Too little brain cells to process it. *Breathe* Let’s look forward to the weekends! It’s going to be a baby showers weekend!

5.25pm – I am officially off work in 5 minutes! But now, I’m unofficially off and surfing the internet instead because all the bosses already left! But then… I can’t go back yet because I’ve got a maintenance to do… *CRY*…

Anyway, was reading the news just now and got to know that there’s another strike by 2 Chinese who refused to come down from the crane. And that some Human Rights group was rather pissed with the outcome of the previous incidents. Hmm… Why can’t people live in order and peace? Yes, it might seems stupid that your rights had been voted off, but then why waste the time fighting using such methods? Aren’t there any other alternatives?

The “Peace & Harmony” had been disturbed. It’s not going to stop here. Again, this is just the start. Who knows… what’s going to happen tomorrow… After all, the Chinese are more united than we are. I’m serious. No good or bad. But I’m serious.

Okay, let’s go wash some pump parts first!

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