Blog #0481

5.13am – Once again, I’m tempted by the idea of reading the books, that I’d borrowed, in the wee hours. After all, ever since little milkie was born, I hardly have the luxury to sit down for long and do my own things especially when the mind is clear and I’ve got the energy. That is to say, it doesn’t mean I’m not tired though.

9.13am – GOOD MORNING! I’m having my weekly team meeting now, and what’s the latest news? Well, let’s just say due to the change of management, we’ll (the admin) need to start taking the minutes on who is doing what (urgh). And then after that, one of the team members will be going on leave from tomorrow onwards for his honeymoon, all the way till next year. Then the next news that I heard is, my boss will be going on leave from the week after. Which means, it’s just me and the admin! And the big big boss also won’t be around from next week onwards!! *LOL* So nice to be not on leave in December because there’s no bosses around. Ah… Wished so much the other one wasn’t around too. But too bad, he will only start taking leave on the 20th. Eh… wait… isn’t there a lunch on the 20th? Hmm…

11.11am – Going to the gym to exercise in a while. Sigh… I seriously wonder if I can lose those fats… Getting a little disappointed. Somehow, the motivation isn’t great enough. Or basically, I’m just getting more lazy compared to last time.

12.19pm – Hmm… did I just see a tortoise crawling towards the gym?

1.56pm – Ah!! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT BROWN BROWN WATER! Sucks! Stupid piping! I’m washing my pump parts for goodness sake! URGH! Can’t pump anymore. Not going to OT today. Damn it! STUPID!

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