Blog #0490

8.30am – “It’s already what time and they still don’t want to wake up and start preparing. Why do they always like to drag??” said a familiar, naggy voice. Am I still in my dream? Or… is it already time to wake up? Darn. It’s the latter…

10.35am – 64cm “tall” and weighing 6.8kg. That’s the height and weight of little milkie. Just reached the clinic of the PD. Today she’ll be taking her third dose of darn-I-forgotten-the-name-again vaccination. Hope she won’t cry too much later. Sigh… I hate injections.

11.07am – Saw Dr Ching just now. Felt quite good. He’s really very fatherly, and definitely a good gynae. Am happy that he’s my gynae – very experience, very fatherly and supported natural birth, and lastly he’s not too expensive. I’m really very glad that he waited patiently and gave little milkie a chance┬áto come out on her own last time instead of just deciding to go for caesarean. ^^

11.33am – *PHEW* Thank God little milkie didn’t cry too long. Anyway, the third dose of something is over! The next one will be at 9 months. Time to go home! Let’s hope she’ll be okay after this jab. *Keeping my fingers crossed*

2.23pm – I desperately need a nap… NOW.

5.30pm – When is the rain going to stop?

8.31pm – What is the point of wearing only one glove, while the other is holding a scoop which touches the flour, and in turn, is made into the food that I’m going to eat? O.O”’ I simply don’t understand this…

11.10pm – The lights are off. The air-con switched on. I’m lazing in front of my computer, surfing randomly. The thought of not needing to work for the whole of next week, simply just lifted my moods up even though they deducted 5 days of my annual leave. How nice would it even be… if its not being deducted… *LOL*

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