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7.21am – Am up early and keeping myself awake, so that I can try and finished some work. Without realising, it’s ALREADY Friday… Ah… This, won’t be a happy Friday unlike the usual, for I’m going to start work (again) soon. Worst thing is, my room is messier than ever, with the added Christmas prezzies. There’s hardly any walking space in my room already… How the h*ll did I end up like that? I thought I had wanted to clean it up instead? Hmm… =.=”’

Anyway, shall try and achieve as much as possible by today, since I’ve got to pack up everything BY this Sunday. I definitely need to prioritize now since I’ve only got like… 4 more days to go, with… my Sunday half occupied. So let’s see… tidy up the room (including shoes), my outstanding documentation, iron clothes, my website (definitely need to do something about it). Okay, I doubt I have time for others. So shall leave it as it is for now.

Good morning!! For those who are working, it’s FRIDAY! ^^

9.00am – Shoes done. Just need to get some more boxes. Now… time for a pump, and then continue with the cleaning up! Ah… almost forgotten that I still need to collect something from a friend. And… I so feel like going down to the shop in Bugis… >.<

9.17am – It’s packing of the room time! Hmm… where¬†do I begin…?

9.43am – One small stack on the table cleared. *Phew* Luckily the baby is asleep…

10.24am – Okay, baby’s awake and fed. Mum & dad too. So now… hmm… let me get the box first.

10.54am – Yeah! Little milkie’s passport is ready for collection! TIME TO MAKE PLANS! *LOL*

11.23am – Time to pump again. How time flies… Damn it.

11.55am – Change of plan. I can’t waste my time trying to get rid of the stickers on those IKEA boxes. Shall leave it as it is till I’ve got the time to get it off. Sigh… why do they get such sticky stickers??

2.13pm – One cabinet sectiond down. 9 more areas to go. Ganbatte. But now, let’s take a break and go for a pump. Hope your Friday’s a lot better than mine! ^^

4.54pm – The eyes are closing, and the brain is shutting down, but the body pushes it on… I need to clear up the room by today. Otherwise, I won’t be able to do other things, considering the fact that there’s plans already made all the way till the 2nd of Jan… -.-”’

6.27pm – Did I doze off…? OOPS!

7.10pm – The lil’ hub is back and I’m only half done. Hmm… and it seems like there isn’t enough space around to store my things. Now… what can I do?

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