Blog #0501

6.30am – Ready for the change? I’M READY! Are you?¬†HERE WE GO!!


Let’s hope and wish that life will be simple and happy! ^^

7.31am – 3 cheers for myself! Hip hip hurray! Hip hip hurray! Hip hip hurray! Am so proud of myself for leaving the house at such times. It’s been months since I’m not late for work! Well, partly it’s due to the fact that I’m sick and my parents took care of little milkie instead, and thus I only have to prepare for myself early this morning.

8.05am – Hmm… I’m a tad too early… *Looks around in the office*

8.35am – Huh? Shutdown during the CNY? That’s like 3 days of my annual leave! And including the year end shut down during Christmas, which is going to be 4 days this year, I’m ONLY left with 7 days of my annual leave! Sigh… That’s like half of my yearly annual leave gone…

9.07am – I wonder… why does some people simply just love to get all the credits for themselves? The requirements document that I’d been churning out for the past few days – well, apparently SOMEONE had been using the word “I” or “my team”¬†instead of so-and-so and so-and-so. So what now? Those that does the work ain’t going to get any credit at all. Sigh… Why make it so complicated?

Humans. To self-destruction! Cheers!

11.12am – Hungry. How? It’s still too early for lunch but I can’t eat nuts, literally.

11.29am – OH GREAT! My darling is pregnant! YIPPIE! ^^

2.17pm – So sleepy. Guess I woke up too early today. AND not forgetting the fact that my mum woke me up at 3am+, told me that I’ve got a flu and asked me to go over her room to sleep instead. Sigh… I was a little blur, otherwise I would have told her that I’m feeling better and shouldn’t be a problem sleeping with the baby.

Sigh… anyway, shalll log off now and concentrate on the “war” later. Wish me luck!

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