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9.16am – To I don’t know if you exist: Erm… It’s a little spooky but are you trying to tell me something? Yes, I know. 619, 916, 169, and permutation of these 3 digits. I’ve been seeing it for the past week. But what? Do you really want me to go read the book? Okay, fine, I’ll try and go dig up the book today, but which permutation?

Anyway, morning peeps! It’s going to be another busy day trying to clear the sh*t. But at least its the mid week already!

10.24am – Feels like the deadly virus is still around. The medication had ended yesterday. The sore in the throat seems to be coming back. Lump is still hanging around. Hmm…

10.27am – To I don’t know if you exist: OMG. 619 points. So it’s this permutation? Okay…

12.41pm – OH NO! The course listing for LaSalle is OUT NOW!

12.46pm – To I don’t know if you exist: 6 emails unread, 19 drafts. Okay… I got it now. I got it now.

1.23pm – Yes! One of my registered courses is starting today. *whistling: in good mood*

2.23pm – Do you know how sucky you are when I don’t even feel like wasting my time to shoot you?? Sigh…

Almost 3 months ago, I came back from my maternity leave. I took time to clarify with you on what are some of the things that I needed to do with regards to my new family member. You told me A and B. But after doing some checkings on my own, I realised I’m supposed to do A & C. Fine. Another 3 months down the road, I started to wonder how come I still haven’t receive my baby’s supplement medical card from the company (I received the lil’ hub one soon after I submitted my marriage certificate, and that’s when the previous HR personnel is still around). So… I messaged you and NOW then you told me that I need to submit a form. Fine. I went over to your place to confirm the list of things that I need, and then you told me that you’ll email the form to me. I waited and waited. So I decided to search the drive on my own and I found this PDF file for Health Declaration. I messaged you and below is the conversation:

Me: Is xxxx.PDF the form?
You: Yes
Me: Ok will print out then submit. Thanks!
You: Please cc to me to help in tracking
Me: Huh? Not hardcopy? (WTF?? How to type in a PDF file???!!!)
You: U need not print out. U can send soft copy..
Me: B
ut the form is in pdf. And if email, who do i email to?
You: T
he email address is inside the form. Peter Chan of Pana Harrison.
Me: O
k, so the birth cert need to attach also? (Hell with it, let’s just print out, then scan again before email)
You: Yes, if possible.
Me: O
k (I don’t feel like thanking you because you apparently never read the messages properly, and I probably am wasting my time)

Anyway, after that, I’d tried to search in the form for THAT email, and in case I’m blind, I asked my admin to search for that email too. And TADA! There isn’t any email in that form! Woohoo!

So knowing pretty sure that that probably wasn’t the form, I tried searching in the drive again, and found an excel file WITH the email (I opened all the files in that folder). And instead of asking you AGAIN, I called Peter Chan on my own (Thankfully the admin found his telephone), and got all the information that I wanted.

You know… it’s not just the file… you don’t need the birth certificate either…

4.03pm – Should I? Or should I not? Damn… I hate putting myself in this kind of situation!

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