Blog #0503

4.45am – H… … E… … L… … P… … Arms breaking… X.X”’ I didn’t realise it’s going to be that bad…

6.57am – Are my arms still around???

8.15am – DAD!! HELP!!!!

9.59am – Haven’t done much yet other than taking my breakfast and chatting with a friend online. Felt tired, and stomach aches coming… Sigh… luckily it’s already Thursday.

2.21pm – Back from soaking in jacuzzi, listening to the sorrows of a colleague regarding her ex-husband, and lunch. Filled with thoughts that can’t be expressed now due to the lack of time. Am going to start the training for the new staffs soon. Admin refuses to train through the whole thing. Gave up asking her to. Sigh… Life…

4.44pm – What a time to comment something like… I’m having a splitting headache. Urgh. Did I soaked a little too long? And Lord knows why I’m feeling hungry when I just had my late lunch at about 1.45pm just now. Sigh… Wish I can go home now… I’m feeling so low morale at work.

5.23pm – The place is becoming unbearable but I had to endure it, for it pays the bills. But how long can that last? With the agony increasing each day, and people losing themselves in the work, covering their own asses. Alas… what is the world becoming to?

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