Have I survived? I think I did. AND FOR 6 MONTHS ALREADY! *Patted on my own back*

Well, yes yes, my little milkie is 6 months old today! Can you believe that? It’s like just *BLINK* and she’s already 6 months old! Growing adorably cute everyday. Okay, not exactly a blink. I’m freaking tired, and so is my mother, and father too (who kepts denying). Sister and the lil’ hub are definitely affected too. But above all of these, I guess we are all very happy for she (little milkie) really brought us lots of joy.

Recalling on what happened that day. We waited and waited for the time to pass. Thought that it would be on the 10th. And we actually still joked that for girls, it shouldn’t be 7-11 (opens 24 hours a day). And who knows, she apparently wants to come out on the 11th, and to be the same as me – Yin Water (NICE!). And to her dad: You can’t say that she’s ugly now, huh? She’s just a little “swollen” at that time due to the pathetic not so big “tunnel” that she had to go through. But CHEERS again to little milkie for being so obedient, looking down just hours before the delivery. That’s my good girl! Mummy loves you! 

So how is she now? Here’s a clip of her cute little face:

A mixture of mainly my features but slightly better than mine, and a little here and there from the lil’ hub and my sister. Yes, my sister too. The cutest thing is, she’s got this birthmark (a protruding bump) that’s exactly at the same place as my sister, somewhere at the ear. Big round eyes, small sharp nose, and a not so big mouth. The size of the head is a little bit towards the bigger side though, thanks to her dad (but it’s okay, I still love the both of them ^^). Ah! One of her toes (the middle one), is somewhat shorter than the rest. *LOL* Not forgetting that two little dimples between the nose and the mouth. I LOVE DIMPLES! And luckily, she’s quite fair. Good for a little girl. Heehee…

That’s how my little milkie looks like.

So how’s everything? Let’s see…

  • I’d reached my goal of breastfeeding for at least 6 months, and now, everyday is a bonus for me. I’m still pumping and will probably carry on as long as there’s milk for the next few months, and of course, where circumstances permit. Nonetheless, the number of pumps per day had dropped from 7-8 times to 5-7 times, depending on how hectic my schedule is. Intends to slowly wean off breastmilk when I’m ready and wanted to. After all, breastmilk provides the antibodies, and saves some money. *LOL*
  • Though little milkie has been on formula milk since week 3 (due to my breast infection that causes the drop in supply), I’m really happy that the proportion of breastmilk to formula had increased from a quarter to half of it! So now, she’s drinking 4 times of EM (expressed milk), and 4 times of formula milk, priority given to the EM if she drinks lesser that day.
  • Each feeding is about 120ml on average though there seems to be some decrease (about 90ml) during the night feeds. I wonder if it’s due to the introduction of solid food.
  • Yes, she’s FINALLY on solids! But just the single grain cereal at this point. And she loves it! You can almost always see the excitement in her face when she saw her bowl (she recognizes that too). And that also means that if you were to take away the bowl after she saw it, she’ll start to “mmm mmm mmm”, making noises to show her displease. (the kids nowadays =.=”’)
  • Apple will probably be the next item on the list of food to try, following the brown rice. Can’t wait to see and capture her reaction!
  • Above all, she’s growing healthily, and should be weighing about 7kg by now. Height and weight on the average side while the head is slightly at the 95 percentile. Sigh… I wonder if it’s because I laughed at the lil’ hub too much. Or it’s simply just that the lil’ hub’s genes on that is a little too strong. After all, his mum’s gotten that too. Oh well, I should already probably be glad enough that she resembles more like me. *LOL*
  • Her sleeping hours are definitely getting better nowadays. Waking up (most of the time) at around 5am-7am, and sleeping at about 10pm-12am. That’s almost like missing the wee-hours feeds! But it’s just that at times, I’ll still need to wake up to pump (at 4am), which is so much better than the previous. In fact, I seem to be one of the more fortunate ones compared to some of my friends, who still need to wake up at those xxx hours.
  • She still needs to be carried when she wants to sleep. Otherwise, she’ll make a fuss. But am trying to let her sleep on her own hugging her bolster after carrying her for a while. At least for the past 3 times, it seems to succeed, especially for those earlier ones where she’ll sleep after the 5am feeds. So let’s pray, hope, and cross our fingers!
  • Started to “sing” quite often during the Christmas period. Wonders if it’s because she knew that it’s a happy season, and thus the joyous singing. For now, she’s blabbering on her own at times. And a few times, to the lights. Hmm… what’s with the lights?
  • Getting very playful. From playing with using the handkerchief to cover her face (peekaboo), till hide and seek, and probably just boo-ing her on her tummy.
  • Flipping around nowadays. On the left side for now. Seems to be going on the other side soon, for there were failed attempts recently.
  • Loves gangnam style. *LOL*
  • Knows how to “sayang” people – her head will touch the other person’s head. In fact, think she knows quite a bit of instructions! It’s like, when I told her to wait, and if she’s not hungry, she’ll just keep quiet and play on her own, and wait for you to come back.
  • Still as impatient as ever!! Especially when it comes to food.
  • She’s definitely NOT naughty as what my MIL always said about her. She just started to recognize people and don’t really recognizes her since little milkie only gets to see her like once fortnightly. And most importantly is, my MIL don’t really seem to know how to play with babies. Keep saying that she’s naughty, and making noises like “ah ah”, “eh eh”… hmm… if I’m the baby, I’ll probably just stare back at her too and wonder what the h*ll is she doing. *LOL* THE KIDS ARE DAMN SMART NOWADAYS!
  • Lastly, I think she knows I’m her mum. And it’s a damn good feeling when she smiles at you happily when you go back home from work. I really mean DAMN good.

Gosh… I miss her already…

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