Thoughts – Overspending

Christmas, baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries, sales, and sales, and MORE sales, celebrations after celebrations…


YES OF COURSE! But wait till you get the bills! URGH. *facepalm*

You know it’s really bad when you open up your bills and the amount that you spent is more than half of what you earned monthly. How did it ended up like that? You wondered and started to look through the items, in the hope of finding a mistake. None. URGH once again. *facepalm*

It’s the year end. Well, that’s last month. Now it’s the start of the year, and that’s where the bills for last month finally arrives. And I guess it’s a problem that many are facing – overspending, especially at such times of the year. Indeed, it is hard to resist and ignore those few words, that’s being blown up to probably a font size of a thousand or more, and in bold plus striking colours.

Oh my… coming to think of it, the marketing did a great job, don’t they? “YEAR END SALE”, “UP TO 70%”! And what’s worse? On items that still cost a few hundreds after 50% discount. *LOL* Then if your wedding anniversaries, or any celebrations are around the year end too, it just makes it worse. *LOL* But yet, its relatively near to impossible to ask people to stop shopping! It’s SUCH A HAPPY SEASON!!

So is there any way to salvage it? Hmm… I doubted so. At least not for last year… BUT! I’ve thought of a plan. I shall start to plan ahead! To save up an amount starting from now, that will be used for all such celebrations at the end of the year!! That would (hopefully) disrupt my plans of trying hard to save!

Do you have any other better plans?

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