Blog #0508

9.54am – Is it Friday yet…?

10.51am – WOW! Glad I was already leaving when the lady beside my cubicle started to BOMB her bowl. Sigh… I know it’s unhygienic. But where else can I pump? Sigh… Woes of a breastfeeding mother…

2.40pm – I’m pumping milk now and then a sudden thought popped into my head. When I’m pumping milk, I think of little milkie and then I’ll feel very happy. Will she be able to feel the love when she drinks it? Happy milk, maybe that’s what I’ll term it as. Ah… Missing her lots at this moment now… She’s really adorable, you know? It’s like this morning, because I needed to pump the milk and didn’t want to wake my parents up, so I told her to lie obediently on the bed while I pumped, and she did! And then when I was about to leave for work, I went to her bed and told her that I’m going off (while she’s sleeping), and she just gave a brief smile, as if she knew I’m there and understands what I’m saying. Ah… the bond between a mother and her child, cannot be explained somehow. Just like my mum and me. Can’t really lie at times (DAMN IT!) *LOL*

11.18pm – At this very moment, I really miss the times when we sang till dawn in Taiwan.

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