Thoughts – Why Need Documents?

I’m offended. Terribly. Especially when we’ve gone through that SAME BLOODY document again and again.

HEY! Yes, YOU. WHY are we going through yours again? Have you read mine yet? Did you compare and see if there’s anything missing? How would I know what’s missing if we continue to go through yours and not mine?? To me, I HAVE ALREADY PUT EVERYTHING DOWN!

That’s basically what happened. And it’s just too bad that I’m in a not-too-good mood today due to the headaches and lack of sleep (because of my precious little milkie).

But see, let’s discuss. What is the purpose of doing documentations at work, when people don’t read it?

I’d worked with various companies before, and some really focus on the details in it, while some is totally lack of it. For the latter, though they are lacking, they don’t ask for it much. But for this company, it’s so freaking funny! On one hand, they wanted a lot, a lot of documents. But on the other, they are not reading or using it. So, what is the purpose of doing it then? It’s just a waste of time and resources.

Documentations are created so that people can refer to it. Especially REQUIREMENT and TECHNICAL documents. It binds the kind of things that is to be done, and WILL be done. Thus, whoever is the business user MUST read in detail to ensure that the things that he/she wanted is documented inside.

I’m so sick and tired at times. Working with a few (thankfully it’s just a few) idiots who thought that they can just happily voice out and change the requirements anytime, anywhere. WTH.

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