Thoughts – Everyone Has Their Own Problems

Half an hour and it’ll be time to knock-off. Haven’t done much today. Spent like half the time discussing on things not related to work, and the other half listening to others. And then at the same time, thinking if my stupid lil’ hub would come and pick me up from work, OR really as what he said, asked me to go back on my own while he’s already back at my parents’ house, playing with little milkieĀ (which is only a maximum 10 minutes drive). Why is my husband like that? I wondered.

Today had been a day where my brain seems to be filled with lots of questions, not just my own questions, but questions of others.

Earlier on in the day, as soon as I reached office and dropped my baggage, I heard the news from my neighbour colleagues telling me that my admin (on leave today) cried last Friday. Immediately, I asked what happened and I was told about the things that happened while I was busy having meetings that day. Gosh… why can this kind of thing happen at such age? And why does these kind of people exist? What is becoming of the world? What will be the next step my admin is going to do?

Next, I received a text message from a friend saying that his wife has gone around playing the “disappearance” game again. And he’s extremely irritated and frustrated with this childish wife of his. Why? Why is he always the one that needs to clear up the sh*t? Why this? And why that? That’s the question that he kept on asking me. Why can’t he try to accomodate that little bit more? I asked myself and ignored him after he appeared to group me with his wife as “the same kind”.

And then after that, I was being drawn into a discussion with my neighbouring colleague on “contentment” and karma, which in turn led to all sorts of religious beliefs and origins of life itself. Well, she’s a divorcee, and a very independent woman. Nonetheless, she’s still having some issues with her ex-husband over the children, and the other woman.

Lastly, got caught up with another colleague while returning from the restroom. And apparently she’s intending to quit and look after her child for she seems to need some special care. A talk with our VP suggested her to stay put and tell her that it’s useless even if she were to quit and stay at home. Hmm…

Problems, and problems, and problems. Is that how the world revolves? Is there anyone in the world that lives without having any problem at all? If there is, I would hope that some day, I would meet them, and hopefully can get some enlightenment on stuffs.

(Suddenly thought of the monks) Hmm…

Anyway, it’s almost 5.30pm already. I doubt that lil’ hub is coming. SIGH… sucks. But oh well, looking at the brighter side, at least I get to hug him to sleep tonight! ^^

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