Blog #0512

8.03am – Poor little thing. What should I do with you? You are afraid of me, and I’m scare of you too. You don’t let me “blow” you away, and kept staying put on the table. But with you in the way, I couldn’t do a lot of things. I won’t kill you, that’s probably the last thing that I’ll do. But what else can I do, but to use a transparent cover and put it on top of you, in the hope that someone will see and you will live, and that someone can “bring” you to where you belong. Alas… but where do you belong? Hmm…

9.50am – Empty stomach filled. Level 65 of Candy Crush passed. IT’S A GREAT MORNING! Time to clear the emails! JIA YOU!

10.04am – Stomach aches.

10.33am – No matter how lousy your mood is or your work really sucks, you shouldn’t be giving that sort of unfriendly face everywhere you go, especially to your colleagues.

10.37am – This company, at least the IT department, is going to fold up soon at this rate when it’s congested with such people. OMG. What kind of working environment is this? So unhealthy. People becoming so protective of their own ass. Gross.

11.18am – Still no reply. Okay. I’m going to make him my top 2nd most blacklisted guy. So unfriendly.

11.30am – Call me petty. But that new blacklisted guy just spoiled my morning. Damn it. See already also never smile or greet people. Always only show that “you owe me money face”. Gosh. You know EQ as equally, if not more, as important as IQ! And I’m not even sure if you have much IQ to begin with, to want to give this kind of attitude in this era. Duh.

6.02pm – Stupid driver. Almost puked because of you. Drive properly please…

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