Blog #0515

9.55am – Feels like today would be another messed up day. Should I go to the gym today? Or should I just skip it? I’m supposed to have a pump at 10am, but then there’s a training at 10.30am. Hmm… Or maybe I should go and pump AFTER it, and try and finish it by 11.15am. Hmm… Never mind, let’s clear the emails first. 125. Let’s see how many are still outstanding.

10.42am – SWEE! Done with training! Now I shall go for my pump! *POOF*

11.23am – WOW! I just swapped 2 chocolates and then it’s so powerful! Everything gets cleared as long as its in this directions – horizontal, vertical and diagonal. Oh… I’m playing Candy Crush now, and am at level 90! Nice huh? ^^ Not too bad for a 2 weeks old newbie. LOL~ Tips? Try to create 4 or 5 in a row! And get rid of all those growing irritating chocolates where any.

11.34am – There’s really idiot(s) in my company. Is the sign “DO NOT SWITCH OFF”, too small to be seen? Or maybe that person is just illiterate

2.10pm – Back from lunch and gym. Didn’t really exercise a lot since I’m still in a daze. Body seems to be in a slightly heaty mode. Streaks of blood can be seen in the mucus from the nose. The body, mind and soul are not aligned, and definitely not in the working mood. The working days are getting more and more difficult to pass. Maybe it’s really time to change a job?

3.28pm – $5.20 to go to the gym. Hmm… I’m starting to wonder if that’s a little too expensive… I could have eaten quite a nice meal with that amount. Hmm…

3.48pm – Hmm… *PONDERING HARD*

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