Blog #0516

5.36am – Such a nice beautiful Saturday morning… with both the lil’ hub and little milkie sleeping peacefully beside… … … wait a minute… … what day is today?… … O.O”’

8.28am – I’M NOT LATE TODAY! Woohoo! Managed to hitch a ride with the lil’ hub early this morning. Ah, it’s been quite a while since I reached early at work. *Giggles* Bad employee… Bad employee… *Shake head* OHAYOU GOZAIMASU! Ogenki desu ka? Ima, watashi wa shigoto desu. Minna ganbatte ne! ^^

10.37am – The admin seems to be having issues with her child – behaviour and academic. And now she’s contemplating with the idea of quitting her job, and focus on her child instead. Will that really help? Maybe. Anyway, it’s a rather common scenario nowadays. My cousin’s like that too, and I believe it’s going to get worse if his parents continue this way. I just hope (and pray hard) that mine would be easier. Damn… she looks so cheeky (looking at my desktop wallpapers of little milkie’s photos).

11.24am – Don’t treat me like an idiot because I’m quite sure I’m A LOT smarter than you are. WTH.

11.36am – In my life, this is the FIRST time that I get to know someone who is so stupid and yet so proud and arrogant! WTH.

2.49pm – Not going to pump anymore at work since there’s a meeting at 4.30pm, and I’m not sure how long it’s going to drag again. Shall now concentrate on doing my work and at the same time… download all the Adam Lambert’s songs. FYI, I’M GOING TO HIS CONCERT IN MARCH! Woohoo!

4.40pm – How to keep my eyes open?

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