Thoughts – Define Your OWN Style

It’s a fine day, and I’d decided to pen down some of my thoughts first before I try to “force” myself to do some work in case it starts to pile up again.

Anyway, heard one of my colleagues, let’s call her Miss A complaining about another (Miss B), saying that Miss B kept copying her style. Example, when A shows B her new manicure, B went to did hers too. And then subsequently after that, she did it frequently too when before that, she’s not those who will do it. Then after that, when B saw that A is holding an LV wallet, she asked someone to get one for her too. Same for her Samsung note. There’s another event where B mentioned that she wanted to buy a condominium too (A stays in one).

This wasn’t the first case that I’d heard. Another friend, Miss C, had apparently complained about one of her friends on her facebook too. Mentioning that she tried to copy the way she dress etc. And then another Miss D, also said before that Miss E follows everything she does too.

Are all these coincidences? Or is Miss B really following Miss A’s style (likewise for the rest)? Peer pressure? Envy? Idolize? Hmm…

Well, I seriously don’t understand what’s really the big deal about someone following the way you dress or look. Yes, it might be a bit irritating to see that person following whatever that you do, but then… that’s about it?

And then… why follow the others?!

Get your own style, and be yourself, isn’t that a lot better? LV, Prada… hmm… what’s with it? I love Agnes B. and any other branded or brandless brand as long as it looks pretty on me. Ah, of course if you are trying to look atas, then probably you might need something slightly more expensive, but otherwise, GO AND DEFINE YOUR OWN STYLE! LOL~

Remember, if you copy the others, you would only be the second best, for you are not the first.

(Mr Z: That’s the problem with you girls. I don’t know what’s wrong with people doing things similar as you. It’s like I’ve got this phone, and Mr Y also bought it after that. Should I be mad at him? You girls “si beh bo liao”.) – Thumbs up!

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