Blog #0517

5.10am – I lied quietly on my bed. Is it Saturday today? Hmm… I guess not… and I better don’t be lazy and wake up to pump. *Feeling the patch of dampness on my t-shirt* =.=”’

9.44am – It’s going to be another busy day, trying to clear the backlogs, and then meeting the lil’ hub for lunch (provided he’s awake by then), followed by my class at the end of the day. Another day where I don’t feel like working. But thankfully, I’m going to be on leave for tomorrow and the day after! Then again, I’ll probably be too busy trying to do up the Chinese New Year decoration. Ah… Life… it’s too monotone… and so is this blog. Cannot… I need to do something to it… *LOL*

10.51am – Being critical and giving your feedback/comments is alright. But overdoing it is NOT okay. What kind of profile is she? Let me take a look…

11.02am – Didn’t have the timing of her birth… but so far, even without seeing it, I think she belongs to the Wealth Structure, with Yang Wood and the Diplomat as her main character and passion. Damn. What a combination.

1.45pm – Lunch back with the lil’ hub! Went for the Bak Kut Teh at AMK, which sucks today. And then another round at the McDonald’s nearby. So FULFILLING! *Yum Yum*

3.57pm – A penny for your thoughts? Yes, lots. A series of events arrived as I stepped into the office after lunch. Firstly, as I was chatting with the admin over some work, suddenly, news was heard that my boss was scolded by the top. And then the next moment, my admin was asked to go in. And then subsequently came out crying. Sigh… got scolded for “no common sense” on something which wasn’t directly done by her.

After that, I finally received theĀ email from NAFA on the confirmation of my new course (oops). And lastly, one of my friends gave birth to a baby boy!

Life… good for some, and bad for the others… sigh…

5.32pm – Time to go for lessons!

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