Thoughts – Count Your Blessings

As I read the heartbreaking news of the two young boys that got hit by a truck, I can’t help but to thank God (or whoever) for givng me this wonderful family, and that all of them are still healthy. Of course, there’s my Goddad who passed away several years ago, but at least he died peacefully in his sleep and need not suffer.

They were still so young… age 7 and 13. The elder one had gone to fetch his brother from school, and were on their way home when they got hit by a truck. Questions came into my mind. Why did their parents let them go back on their own? Can’t they put them in the childcare or let someone take care of them? Does the truck driver needs to drive that fast?

But after going through that list of questions, you’ll only conclude that the reality is a very sad world. The children going back on their own because the parents need to work. The parents needed to work so as to earn money. They needed to earn the money to support the things they spend. And to consider the everyday-getting-higher living standards of Singapore, it’s rather difficult for a parent to stay at home to look after the children while still maintaining a relatively comfortable life. Childcare? Maid? Those are additional cost. And not everyone has their grandparents who are willing to look after them. As for why is the driver driving that fast? Seriously, I have no idea. We always said that the drivers are reckless and should always watch out for pedestrians, but isn’t it supposed to be a two-way thing? Did the children look out for the traffic too? A look around the neighbourhood, and you will realise that they are quite a number of people who crosses the road while looking at their handphone, or simply just crosses it blindly. As much as the driver is to blame, sometimes (I’m not saying in this case), the pedestrian is at fault too.

From young, I belonged to one of the more “protected” species. I never had any privilege (my point of view at that point in time) to come back on my own from school until when I reached Secondary School. And that view stayed with me till my Uni days, where I finally began to understand where my parents came from, and why they did what they did.

I’m really fortunate to have grown up in a relatively happy family, with my mum staying at home as a housewife and taking good care of me and my elder sister (the living standards in the past wasn’t that high). They love us, lots, and they simply couldn’t bear to let anything happened to us. And since they’d been through some of it, thus, they chose to be restrictive instead, then to let us go through the same thing. But mum, I wouldn’t know how bad it was until I tried it. I can only promise that it wouldn’t be that bad, at least I try.

So… I know my child(ren) might be like that too in future. And I’ll probably be like my parents. But I’ll try and explain to them and hopefully they would understand where I come from. Otherwise it’s just going to be the same cycle.

As a mother, I can imagine that the lady must be devastated, to have lost 2 kids at the same time. I hope she will be strong and recover from this incident. May God bless them and… RIP (to the kids).

So let’s all pray that the future wouldn’t be more worse than it is now…

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