Blog #0537

1.33pm -YES! I COMPLETED LEVEL 215 of the mobile Candy Crush! Woohoo! Now, let’s make more stars out of those previous level! ^^ Gee… didn’t realise that I never log in this morning. Hmm… must be too engrossed in the work to notice it. Ah… tomorrow it’ll be March already. How time flies… 2.07pm – […]

Blog #0536

9.18am – I’m pretty sure I’m asleep while generating that project list yesterday. It’s too grave a mistake to make. Alas… Let’s hope I never caused any major issue… *The start of another day of concentration….* 10.05am – *Working on TIGHT schedule*

Blog #0535

9.49am – Zombified today. 200 over emails left uncleared. Feeling fat. Not in a good mood. Shall buried myself in the work today. 9.59am – By the way, I’d decided to probably stop my courses after this round and concentrate on my business and baby, and hands-on improvement. After all, it’s the basic that’s really […]

Blog #0533

7.01am – The buzzing sound of the alarm went off, and I groped for my handphone. Damn. 9.43am – It’s a bright sunny morning and I’d already started work. Going to take half a day off to bring little milkie to visit the doctor. For now, shh… let me concentrate on clearing some of the […]

Blog #0532

8.53am – GOOD MORNING! I’m considered early today, late for work for only 10 minutes. Ah… am feeling slightly better because little milkie wiped off some of the blood on her face and revealed the “real” wound, which seems to be only a small dot of about 2mm at max. And I really think it’s […]

Blog #0531

8.00am – I overslept. Crap. 9.07am – Third day in a row… is my body too heaty? Bad… bad… bad… 9.47am – Okay, shall go back home for lunch since my dad is driving and the gym’s session during lunch had been cancelled due to 2 unforeseen circumstances – (1) colleague’s son was badly scalded […]

Blog #0530

7.12am – Freaking tired, thanks to someone who kept nagging and insisted on the answer for something such that both the lil’ hub and me got to search high and low for whatever that was kept, and then try to recall what happened more than a year ago. Guess who? Yes, you are right! It’s my […]