Blog #0520

7.47am – HAPPY NEW YEAR! You never read wrongly, today is a actual new year, or what they said as “LI4 CHUN1”. I hitched a ride from my sister and thus am already in the office. Let’s hope everything will be smooth this year. HUAT AT!

8.10am – Bad. It’s a BAD omen. My system is down for some reasons… Bad… and it could be VERY bad…

9.54am – HUAT AH! It’s working! *LOL* Phew… that’s a close one…

10.44am – Down again… *CRY*

10.57am – Let’s hope it stays working… *keeping my fingers crossed*

5.14pm – There goes my day… packing and packing of the goodie bags for CNY that consists of 2 oranges and a small tub of pineapple tarts. Argh. Well, at least my stupid system is still up and running! ^^

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