Blog #0521

9.37am – It’s one of those days where I feel like slapping people right in their face. IT’S JUST A SIMPLE WORKFLOW, WHY WAS IT NOT CONSIDERED? Yes, it’s stupid, and I know it, but it’s being designed the way it is. Then how? And we are not going to change anything on it anymore. And where the hell did you get those numbers from?? Sucks. I haven’t even taken my breakfast yet! And now I need to rush the report out by 11am?!!

10.17am – Feels like squashing people. I haven’t pump milk nor take my breakfast yet! AND I NEVER ACTIVATE MY SECTOR OF HELPING PEOPLE!!

10.42am – Today, the temper is very bad…

11.00am – You could have just told me that raw file is better, and then I wouldn’t have to crack my brain for so long, to tally the figures… =.=”’ COMMUNICATION IS IMPORTANT.

Okay… cool it down… cool it down…

11.06am – I need some happy food and do some happy things, so as to minus away the anger caused by stupid people and stupid process. Shall I try and make the happy food myself? Hmm… don’t really have the time now… SUCKS.

2.29pm – Back from a nice lunch, returned the library books, withdrew the money for my mum and then collected the repaired shoes. Ah… so tired but it’s okay. Am now back in office. Going for my second pump soon. I’m getting sooooooo lazy… But again, it’s okay. It’s going to be the 7th month of pumping in just a few days! Press on!!

3.29pm – The whole office feels dead. There isn’t any life at all. Are these people living? Sigh…

3.59pm – I think there’s something wrong with my stomach today. Just now I’m freaking full until I almost puke. And then just 2 hours later, I’m hungry like crazy… (Response from a talk cock friend: Pregnant again liao) =.=”’

4.07pm – An hour and a half more but it feels like years. I’m dreading the work but yet it gives me the conveniences, time and as well as the money. This isn’t like me, to want to stay at a place where joy isn’t part of the reasons. Such a change of view after little milkie was born. The greatness of a mother, to sacrifice herself for her young… WAHAHAHAHAHA… I’m losing my mind :p HAPPY TUESDAY! 3 more days to go before the CHINESE NEW YEAR COMES! HUAT AH!

5.16pm – Yeah! Completed one task. Now… let’s wait for the time to pass and go home! Got to rush back before it starts to rain. The whole sky is EXTREMELY dark now.

8.10pm – Let’s get cracking on the CNY decorations. Just another 3 more days left.

11.32pm – Huh! They disabled my site again?!! WTH! Some more it’s my BLOG! That’s my life!!!

11.53pm – Let’s hope they bring it up again, soon. They brought it down due to some stupid query that cost a heavy traffic into their database (80% of it) – Phoca Guestbook. And I wonder if there’s some hackers attacking on Phoca Guestbook for a few weeks ago, Phoca’s website seems to be down with “Forbidden” access too. Anyway, I’m not using that component and had uninstalled it. I just hope it’s going to be fine from now on. Otherwise… I really am not sure what to do… >.<”’

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