Thoughts – Singapore in 2030

Again, as I’ve always said, I’m not one who likes to know or am interested about the politics nor the goverment, nor the future of my own country, nor elections or whatsoever. But the recent outcry after the whatever papers or planned future that the government had released, had caused an abundance of shared articles in the NEWSFEED of my Facebook, which is rather irritating to some extent.

So at my pump session just now, I read one of it instead of playing my Candy Crush. Hmm… Honestly, I don’t really know what our government is thinking.

A projection of 6.9 million people by 2030, with 55% of the people being Singaporeans. And out of that 55%, probably a third of them are not born and raised in Singapore. WTH. Can the true Singaporeans still remain as the core? The answer is very simple and obvious. NO.

What’s the reason for needing that 6.9 million people in Singapore? So that we can maintain the GDP or growth rate. But, seriously, do we really need such a high growth rate? Or is the government just trying to earn more money for themselves, while they are still young? Hmm… at times I just wonder… will there be a day where all the riches (including the high ranking people in the government) just abandon Singapore and fly to other countries shall something happen to Singapore?

Anyway, what happens after increasing the people? It’s not as if those people wouldn’t get old. Or that they would leave and go back to their own country when they are old. As long as the birth rate doesn’t increase, is bringing people in going to help? Hell no! You are just going to need more and more young people to come and squeeze into this small little country, in the HOPE that they would stay and support your old. LMAO.

And then what else? Houses, cars, transport, competitions are just going to get more and more expensive and aggressive. Followed by an increase in stress level and higher standards of living, which again results in people wanting to give birth to more children. Thus the birth rate drops drastically. And as this continues… lesser and lesser local born Singaporeans will stay on… I mean… what’s the point?

The government is supposed to be made up of elites a.k.a. people with brains so that they can lead the country, serve the nation. But it seems like there isn’t much love for their country then the people themselves. All they probably think about is just money, money and more money. Why not just slow down the pace a little (I’m not saying to stop totally)?

Lastly, I hope that the land will not give way with so many infrastructures above and under in future.

Sigh… I still love my country. BUT… that sense of “I’m a Singaporean” seems to be diminishing as the time goes… Who wouldn’t? When you look left, and right, and then you probably wonder if you are in your own country… Sigh… *SAD*

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