Blog #0522

8.10am – I took one DEEEEEEEP breath and SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE! I managed to squeeze into my pants with overflowing fats! Wahahahahah! Well, it’s a good start! ^^

9.02am – It’s Wednesday and a GOOD MORNING TO EVERYONE! I’m starting another new course today at NAFA – Refashioning of Garments. Hmm… I wonder what I’m going to learn but definitely am looking forward to it, other than the fact that I’ll need to drag myself back home after class at 10am. And it’s VERY unlikely that the lil’ hub will volunteer to come and fetch me. *LOL* I’ll probably strike 4D if he was to come. Sigh… missed the times when I was pregnant. SO MANY PRIVILEGES from him. Damn it!

10.12am – Ah. Teacher is sick and the class will be postponed -.-”’ Sigh… I’m still so looking forward to it in the morning. And what now… I’ll need my sister to be the nanny on 20 March. Sigh… Troublesome ne…

11.23am – Okay. Problem solved. Website(s) up and running. Sigh… talking about my website(s), I am indeed a bit embarassed. Kept delaying on updating it, and am trying very hard to keep this up amid the hectic schedule. But with the Chinese New Year coming, I can only focus on the decorations so as to finish up asap, not to mention that I haven’t even washed my cake decoration tools yet! My mum’s going to start yelling soon… Wished so much that I have more time…

2.26pm – This is so difficult to breathe… You know, girls (most of them) will do anything (or lots of it) just to let themselves get back into shape… I just bought another kind of girdle (with shorts) and am wearing it now. Boy… it feels so… tight -.-”’ Let’s hope I don’t faint later. *ROFL*

4.05pm – Suddenly am wondering how much do we still owe for the HDB loan… $118,044.50

4.46pm – Tip: Do not wear a shorts-like girdle and never go toilet until when urgent. You will regret it. LMAO. Luckily I’m not really in urgent mode just now :p

5.18pm – Off work soon. Need to go and buy dinner later on. And then after that to collect the Kueh Lapis. So lazy…

6.04am – It’s so nice to see your baby jumping with joy the moment she saw you. ^^ She recognizes me! LOL!

10.45pm – Exhausted after givng “consultation” to my group of friends on their luck in 2013. Haha… its not that bad a thing to share the information with others, isn’t it? Hmm… now… should I provide a free “service” here with that little knowledge that I have? *Ponder*

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