Blog #0523

7.45am – Yeah. Done! Shall wait for my sister to wake up. And while waiting… let’s play some Candy Crush! Stupid level 147! Got stuck at there for too long already!

8.28am – A friend wrote on his Facebook, asking people if they remember the advertisement on the milk, where they mentioned that the number of cows in New Zealand is the same as the number of people in Singapore. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why the government wants to increase the population in Singapore. LOL

8.52am – This traffic junction really sucks. Sigh… Doubt I’ll be able to attend the 9am meeting. Will go for the evening one then.

10.23am – Great. And I thought what’s the emergency, that I had to stop my pump 12 minutes earlier, skipped my poo-ing, and rushed down to the boardroom. It’s only an IT drill -.-”’

2.15pm – Just got back from lunch at Takashimaya. Think I need to go for a pump now.

2.18pm – Okay. I’ll just stay put for a while. Seems like they are going to do ANOTHER drill. I don’t want history to repeat – that is, I’M PUMPING HALF WAY AND THEN I GOT A TEXT TO RUSH BACK! 8 minutes of pump is NOT enough. Urgh… Of all times…

3.42pm – The eyes… are… closing…

4.35pm – I hate meetings. And my eyes really can’t open!! HELP!! Then… from afar… “snore…” *Looks at my team mate beside me* O.O”’ I thought I’m bad. He’s worse. LMAO.

5.31pm – Sigh… 2 person got snatched by the VP for another discussion. We have already waited for 15 minutes. Wonder how long this waiting is going to wait…

6.16pm – People are very funny. They just ignore whatever that you mentioned previously, but when the problem comes, then they start complaining about it where they COULD have fixed it previously. Life. *LOL* Okay… time to go home finally… CIAO!

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