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7.12am – Freaking tired, thanks to someone who kept nagging and insisted on the answer for something such that both the lil’ hub and me got to search high and low for whatever that was kept, and then try to recall what happened more than a year ago. Guess who? Yes, you are right! It’s my MIL! -.-”’

Story cut short. Basically one of the lil’ hub’s cousin is getting married, and the mum wants to know how much ang bao they gave previously on our wedding as she didn’t want to give too little nor too much. But it’s like… WTH. Firstly, it’s so bloody late at night (midnight) and we have to work the next day. Secondly, if they gave $200 a year ago, you can’t possibly give $200 too, right? There’s something called “Inflation Rate”. Lastly, you probably should have recorded it down on your own if you intends to do it via this method. I’m those that goes by the “relation” cum “market rate”.

Sigh. In the end, we couldn’t find the amount that the auntie gave because she gave it in the morning during the tea ceremony instead of during the dinner, and we didn’t record anything down for those ang baos collected during then. WHO THE HELL WILL GIVE ANG BAO AT THAT TIME UNLESS HE/SHE IS NOT GOING FOR THE DINNER??!!

The problem with the different culture or generation.

To little milkie: Nong nong, if you don’t mind, by the time you get married, let’s simplify things a little to save you from all the headaches.

8.10am – Waiting for the lift now. Mind’s a blank. And I hope the bus better comes on time.

8.23am – There’s really a reason why there are so many Singaporeans against the idea of increasing the number of people in this small little island. Just looking at the packed buses passing by and you will totally understand.

8.55am – Finally reached office with the laptop switched on.

10.59am – I think I better stop taking spicy food…

11.24am – Hmm… who is that, out there? *Knock knock*

1.24pm – Did some grocery shopping and am back in office now. Sigh… half a day gone only. Anyway, mum was telling me that little mlkie seems to be having some sort of constipation. I think I better start eating healthier for both her and myself. It’s been 2 days in a row with blood in my stools. Not a very good scenario.

1.32pm – Read the news on the meteorite that hits Russia? Hmm… suddenly a thought came into my mind… What happen IF there were aliens or unidentified particles/virus/living organisms in that piece of rock that dropped into the lake? Why… the lake? Hmm…

3.24pm – *YAWN* Kept doing these for the past minute. My brain is lack of oxygen. I felt like I’m deprived of sleep. Another 2 more hours to go + 1 pump. How to hang in there? And I need to go and get some bobbins for my lessons tomorrow… Hougang Green?

5.22pm – 8 more minutes! And then I’ll hop to Hougang Green to get my stuffs. Let’s hope there is. Otherwise… hmm… tomorrow at AMK? Urgh.

5.25pm – Indeed, it is really irritating to be caught just minutes before you knock off. What’s worse? YOU HAD TO BRING WORK BACK HOME TO DO! “Please send me the report by 9am tomorrow”. Erm… hello? The report takes at least an hour to generate due to the large amount of data. I start work at 8.30am officially dude. Sigh… HATED it.

6.09pm – Cost me $6.10 to take a cab back because I need to carry that bloody heavy laptop. Sigh…

11.29pm – Hungry.

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