Thoughts – Re-organized

11.18am – GOODNESS GRACIOUS! It’s already 11.18am! And I haven’t done much things yet (again and again). Sigh… Woke up late this morning and dragged myself to work. Yes, it’s FINALLY the commencement of my work. And yes, I really hate shut-downs. It simply disrupts your schedule like sh*t. No more shutdowns all the way till the end of the year. But I’ve got another one week “break” coming up in March to stay home and be a nanny to my little milkie (all the elders went for a holiday). Let’s hope I can survive then.

Anyway, back to work today and the thought of the up and coming audit just puts me more off. Preparations are going to start but yet I’m still so unprepared. My new course in LaSalle will be starting this week too, which means 3 out of 7 days in a week will be gone for me, so I’ll really need to be discipline in order not to tire myself (and my mum) out.

*Phew* 250 posts already. Urgh. Nonetheless, life’s still good. Ganbatte!

1.45pm – Back from my lunch at NEX, which is so totally inconvenient nowadays since the shuttle bus service had been removed. But that doesn’t stop me from going there to buy clothes for myself, the lil’ hub and little milkie! I have no idea when it started or who said it, but it’s supposed to be for some good luck (or whatsoever) to buy clothes within the 15 days of the Chinese New Year. Anyway, it’s definitely a good excuse to shop! Don’t buy shoes though! That will probably meant “sigh-ing” for the whole of the year! Not to forget, CLEAR ALL YOUR DEBTS (if possible)!


2.34pm – URGH! Nothing’s done yet! AH! Okay, okay, take a deep breath and then try to organize things a little… Let’s see…

  • Baby – It’s never too early to start some “guidance”, right? But guess I’ll need to prep a little more than what I’m doing now. She’s 7 months old already, and in a blink, she’ll probably be one year old! *GULP*
  • Work – Audit is coming. Priority to be placed for audit related items.
  • Exercise & Diet – No carbo. No Spicy. No sugared drinks. No food after 8pm. TRY to exercise 3 times a week.
  • Face, body, hair & dental – I need to start being a little bit more diligent in these areas. It’s getting very bad…
  • Blog – I must not be lazy anymore.
  • Business – Need to get it started but the question is… do I need a partner?
  • Courses – I’ve currently got 2 courses on-going. Don’t think I’ve got the time to do more.

That’s about the few things that I need to concentrate this year. Of course, to mentally support my lil’ hub too for his new endeavor! *Digs out the crumpled paper calendar*

3.26pm – Another senior person under probe? Moreover from CPIB? What kind of country am I living in? =.=”’

4.21pm – It really is hard work, to juggle between work, self and family. I’m still trying to cope. FOCUS is the word.

4.58pm – It’s raining heavily outside again. Urgh…

5.45pm – Finally going back home, and thank God the rain stopped.

7.52pm – What’s the best way to stop a kid from attempting to eat the snacks? Give him a HOT & SPICY one! *LOL* The nephew wanted to eat the sweets, and the cousin asked if he wanted some wasabi peanuts. Of course, he totally has no idea about the intention. All he knew was… it’s FOOD. And so, in went the wasabi coated peanut, and within a second, he spitted it out and a cup of water was already prepared for him. All he kept saying after that was “big big eat”. Nice one. *LIKE*

11.06pm – It’s been ages since I sat down with the baby asleep, and me typing away. The lil’ hub’s not around today and I’d managed to do lots of things, such as putting facial mask, using back my SK II products and removing my nail polish so that my nails can breathe. Am waiting for the hair to dry, then drink a warm cup of hot chocolate, do my last pump for the day before I hit my bed. Ah… Monday’s over!

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