Thoughts – Difference Between Dad & Mum

It’s past midnight and I’m still awake, feeling relatively sucky after little milkie got a bit cut on her face either from her own nails or the pacifier. What’s more, she hasn’t been clearing her bowels that well, at least for the past 5-6 days. I’m contemplating on taking half a day leave to bring her to see the doctor. And then I’m wondering if it’s right of me to take up 2 courses at a time…

Where’s her dad? Probably sleeping already after watching too much drama or playing too much game.

I’m not saying that all dads are bad, and neither am I saying that all mums are good. But it’s quite clear that generally, majority of the mums tend to look after more on their children than the dad. The so-called motherly instinct to protect her young.

How not to… When the mother already started to bond with the child even when it’s only less than 1cm long. And then slowly feeling the kicks and punches, and hiccups. When you are upset, the baby’s probably upset too, and sometimes you can actually feel it. That’s at least 36 weeks! And it’s totally impossible for a dad to know how it feels!

The dad, HER dad, was told of the cut and blood. His reaction was “Oh, is it deep? How long? 1cm? Okay la, not very long.” Little milkie’s face ain’t exactly that big, dude. And no, I’m not going to put some unknown pearl powder on her face. If it really works, why is your face full of acne scars? Probably you should try putting some of it on yours first! Go tell your mum that! I know she’s the one who transferred all these groundless knowledge to you, making you one of the old and brainless Gen-Y.

And I don’t think I’m being too paranoid or what for wanting to bring her to see a doctor with regards to her constipation. You should have seen her crying when my mum tried to wipe her buttock this afternoon.


I really am very glad that I’ve got a 24 hour dad who willingly takes good care of us for all these years. The lil’ hub? He’s in no way comparatively to him. Let’s just hope that he’ll care a little bit more in future. HOPE & PRAY.

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