Blog #0532

8.53am – GOOD MORNING! I’m considered early today, late for work for only 10 minutes. Ah… am feeling slightly better because little milkie wiped off some of the blood on her face and revealed the “real” wound, which seems to be only a small dot of about 2mm at max. And I really think it’s due to the pacifier because there’s this small part that’s a little sharp. So I supposed the scenario goes like this: she turned her head to the left, her hands (as usual) anyhow rubbed her face, the pacifier (that she’s sucking) cut her skin, a bit of blood flow out and goes along the edge of the pacifier, she dropped her pacifier and made a noise, I went to see her and saw the bigger patch of blood. Logical? *LOL*

Okay, time to put the “DO NOT DISTURB” sign (how I wish I can really do that).

9.56am – FREAKING tired. Maybe it’s REALLY not that good an idea to take 2 courses at the same time. And on back to back days some more… =.=”’

10.00am – What is the point of asking when I can finish the task when you already set a deadline for me? It’s like my mum asking if I want to eat and apple, and then when I said I don’t want, she commanded me to eat. Duh.

11.34am – *BREATHE*

1.07pm – WTH! Stupid uncle just scared me! I was taking a lift up (alone) from B1 to Level 3. But it stops at Level 1 and the door opens. I looked but didn’t see anyone coming in. So I pressed the closed button. But when the door was almost closed (which I thought it should already be), SUDDENLY! A crumpled skin hand stopped it from closing fully. Then a weird looking uncle walks in. O.O”’

4.03pm – Everyone is upstairs in the meeting. But I chose to stay behind. Sack me if you think that I’m not respecting the BIG BOSS. I’m not. I just had too many things to do such that I can’t afford that 2 precious hours. Sigh…

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