Blog #0533

7.01am – The buzzing sound of the alarm went off, and I groped for my handphone. Damn.

9.43am – It’s a bright sunny morning and I’d already started work. Going to take half a day off to bring little milkie to visit the doctor. For now, shh… let me concentrate on clearing some of the work first. It’s FRIDAY!

10.03am – Moi is not expert in Microsoft Excel… Most of the things you asked, I have no idea too. It’s just that Google is my best friend. BUT, Google CAN BE your best friend TOO! =.=”’

11.06am – Crap. Audit issues.

2.55pm – Just back from the “recommencement lunch” and it’s almost 3pm! After this, still need to continue with the discussion on the audit. Doubt I can take half day’s leave already. But I WANT TO GO HOME EARLIER! *SULK*

3.32pm – Okay… here we go again…

4.04pm – Suddenly… I’ve got a whole list of things to be done… Audits… -.-”’

4.25pm – “You’ve never gone through audits before and how come you are in the Governance team??” Oh… goodie, that’s a DAMN GOOD question! I’ve been wondering that reason for a LOOOOOONG time ever since I last joined. *LOL* You were there in the interview, dude.

4.31pm – “Everyone wants to be manager but nobody is doing jobs.” – I LIKE THAT!!

5.15pm – Oh God… I should have just gone home instead of being here… BUT then I can’t just leave my fellow colleague and boss to die right? LEAVE NO MAN BEHIND!

7.09pm – Am leaving the office now. Sigh… and I had planned to go home earlier… To think that now I’m leaving even later than usual, with one long list of things to do… what a Friday…

11.21pm – I think I’m really being too ambitious to take up 2 courses at the same time. But the problem is, these 2 courses doesn’t come frequently. And if I don’t take it now, I’ll probably be able to take it a year later or not at all! (Which happened before). Anyway, let’s just brush my teeth and sleep.

11.43pm – Oh my God. She’s awake and my mum K.O., which means, it’s my shift to look after her O.O

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