Blog #0536

9.18am – I’m pretty sure I’m asleep while generating that project list yesterday. It’s too grave a mistake to make. Alas… Let’s hope I never caused any major issue… *The start of another day of concentration….*

10.05am – *Working on TIGHT schedule*

12.41pm – So far, so good, except I’m having a terrible headache now. Most probably because I woke up today at 6am to feed little milkie, followed by the pump and then preparation to work without napping for another half an hour. Can’t afford to. Well, “ganbatte” is all I can tell myself.

1.47pm – A colleague just asked me about things related to delivery and baby. Wow… I didn’t realise I already knew so much!

3.31pm – Uproar. Uproars. And more UPROARS! All just because of a “projection” of 6.9 million. C’mon, just admit it that if there’s no uproars, you guys will just go ahead with it. But seriously, it’s a little tad too much for that “projection”. To be honest, I was extremely shocked when I came back from Taiwan a few years ago and then suddenly realised that the MRT trains are always packed (or relatively full) at ANY TIME of the day. And then you start to wonder why and asked around to see what’s the population likeĀ in Singapore. Sigh. Depressing number. Now, it might get worse. Oh well… immigration huh? There’s another word called emigration.

3.48pm – Seems like there’s Java virus flying around. Think I better closed this off. *POOF*

4.05pm – I’m almost gone soon… trying hard to keep my eyes open.

6.55pm – It’s 6.55pm and the teacher isn’t here yet. Maybe, it wasn’t that good an idea for her to come back to work when she’s got 2 little kids to look after? Hmm…

7.15pm – She’s still not here yet and it’s so hot in this old building of NAFA (Campus V).

7.30pm – FINALLY!

10.02pm – Damn. Couldn’t finish the dress for little milkie. Guess I’ll probably continue in the next class. For now, let’s quickly pack up. Can’t let the lil’ hub wait too long. So sweet of him to come pick me up right? *LOL* He must be damn happy when I mentioned that I’m going to stop my classes after these two!

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