Blog #0537

1.33pm -YES! I COMPLETED LEVEL 215 of the mobile Candy Crush! Woohoo! Now, let’s make more stars out of those previous level! ^^ Gee… didn’t realise that I never log in this morning. Hmm… must be too engrossed in the work to notice it. Ah… tomorrow it’ll be March already. How time flies…

2.07pm – Just heard from the admin saying that a lot of peeps from the Infra team is swaying. As in, thinking of leaving. Die… I’m not sure what’s going to happen if most of them were to leave. Sigh… things started to become like this ever since the CIO left, and the director look up the seat. Yes, I know she’s a little harsh at times, but it’s for the good too right? Anyway, I don’t see anything wrong with what the lady is doing except that she’s really very harsh at times, and scolding people like teacher (in the olden days) scolding the kids, which makes it unbearable at times. A typical HIGH “D” for sure (according to DISC), there’s no mistake on that.


2.45pm – I think I seriously need to practice and learn to be frugal… >.<

3.40pm – Hungry… This is not good. It’s only 3pm+!!


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