Blog #0540

9.32am – I’m late for work today but who cares? *LOL* The bosses are STILL NOT AROUND! NO GOVERNMENT! Oh yes, oh yes. That’s what happens when there’s no government. Okay, better get cracking. Write later!

11.17am – The milk supply seems low these days… is it coming to an end? Hmm…

12.00pm – Just in time for the restart of the system. *PHEW*


12.44pm – I MISS LITTLE MILKIE!!!!

3.01pm – So tired. And I think I’m getting sore throat soon. By the way, I’m able to use Facebook in office soon! But I doubt it’ll make much difference since I won’t be online often. I felt more and more unsafe with using the Internet in the office with all those filters. Sigh… Probably I should log out right now. *POOF*


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