Blog #0542

12.20am – DAMN! MY SPECTACLES BROKE! Oh my… I’m going to be “blind” in the morning…

4.00am – Little milkie is still sleeping. Good. I can continue to pump in peace…

7.30am – The alarm rang again and I sleepily groped for my handphone. Ah… how nice would it be if I didn’t have to work today. But then again, how is that possible to be the case in this small little island unless you are filthy rich and didn’t really have to work. Seriously, I really need to set some time aside and do some happy things. Good morning, it’s Thursday.

7.40am – As I sat there to pump, while playing Level 242 of Candy Crush, I heard some shuffling sounds from little milkie’s bed. Is she awake? And then, I saw this little hand stretching up hard to reach for the mosquito net. Trying it again and again. Ah… my cute little milkie is awake! ^^

9.00am – Sometimes, going to work is such a chore. What makes it worse is when you need to carry a lot of barangs. So… let’s just wait patiently for the free ride from my dear sister and be late for work. *LOL*

10.31am – *Looks at my schedule and TO-DO list* When did it grow to such length? O.O”’


2.21pm – Sometimes I really hated my job. It gives me so many chances to see how unintelligent a person can be. Why? Why are people working without thinking, and just expects someone to feed them? I just received an email telling me this:

Please check the status of this form, it shows Reject.

Firstly, I’ve repeated several times and even created an FAQ to tell people how the workflow of the system goes. Which means, by right, YOU should be able to know who rejected it. Secondly, why tell me that it’s rejected? I’m the ADMINISTRATOR, NOT the APPROVER. Fine, I can check the status, and it’s rejected. So? LOOK FOR THE ONE WHO REJECTED IT! DUH! You don’t expect me to change the status to “Approved”, do you? Lastly, it’s okay. You should be glad that you are not the only one.

Some people, really, can be just so unintelligent. I wonder if they have any common sense at all or if they ever bring their brain to work, that is, provided they have one to begin with.

Ignore me. I’m having PMS.

2.43pm – Unsure of what’s the problem… but the mood sure is bad… … … …

3.40pm – Irresponsible people… I’m going to start the HARSHER harassment from now on.

4.25pm – You know how sometimes you just feel so transparent, like as if the people can’t see nor hear you. Well, I’m experiencing it now.

I think I’m not doing a good job, for the people are still making the same mistakes, over and over again. My words had fell on deaf ears. But, there’s so many of them. Are they all deaf?

No no, I still think its my fault. They can’t hear me.

6.31pm – Why am I still in the office??? *Pulls hair* Sigh… one class missed.

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