Looks like we weren’t in luck to get to eat over here during lunch time. But I’m pretty sure I’ll be back some day, just not sure when…

10 February 2015, 9.45pm

So here I am, finally back after pending it for soooooooooooo long. Well, I’ve been really REALLY busy with my life, work, and family, you know. Trying hard to strike a balance. And today, I only manage to come here because I hadn’t taken my dinner before going for a facial appointment with my sister just now.

Where is it? Bliss restaurant at Chengsan CC. The atmosphere, of course, can’t be compared with where it used to be (Punggol Park) where there’s peace and quiet, and there’s the view of the big pond. Now, every few minutes, there’s the sound of the train passing by, and the surrounding flats ain’t as pretty nor new.

BUT, the most important thing is, after so long, the price didn’t really increase! And the food still tasted as nice! ESPECIALLY the chicken wings that are so crispy! YUM! If only I can have a glass of icy cold beer and that would really make my day… *slurp* Ah… even the thought of that makes me happy. Anyway, that will happen only around a year later. So well, food for now is good enough.



We ordered some wings, sotong balls, escargot (which I don’t eat), fries and a waffle (with ice cream). Love it. Apparently they did some renovation to the restaurant and everything looks quite new. So now, it’s a turquoise kind of feeling everywhere.

Anyway, I’ll definitely be back. Though the parking can be a little troublesome (have to walk a distance), it’s still considered quite near to where I’m staying. Cheerios!

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