Blog #0552

10.00am – BONJOUR! ^^

10.01am – Kyou wa, watashi no bosu ga emu-shi desu.

11.32am – Busy morning. *PHEW*

1.10pm – Had wanted to head out for lunch with my colleagues but in the end, I opted out for the fear that they’re going to take a while to be back. Yes, I’ve got too many things to rush before I go for my one week nanny break. Anyway, ate Mee Soto for my lunch just now, which wasn’t ordered by me but thankfully it tasted nice. Nonetheless, I’m alright with it. You know, sometimes it’s a lot easier if you live your life the easy-going way.


1.42pm – Everything must strategize. Even the way you treat your hubby. *Evil laughter*

2.51pm – THAT theme should do… Hmm… *Mind in bits & pieces*

4.28pm – I feel so evil at times because I’m “covering” up the truth. Sigh… the ugly side of the world. I wonder how many truths out there had been covered up… … …


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