Blog #0553

10.47am – That’s the problem when you have too many things to handle. You start to miss and forget a lot of things, such as, pumping milk. =.=”’ But by the time you realized it, it’s too late because it’s time for another meeting… *screeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaammm*

12.53pm – It’s the period where things are not going right again… Right at the moment I stepped into the lift and saw my boss early this morning shows only one thing – it’s probably going to be a bad bad baaaaaad day. And true enough…

I switched on my lappie, and then the next moment, there’s a blinking message at the taskbar. I clicked and TADA! The words shown clearly – “Is <my stupid system> down again?”. Great. What a way to start the day. So with my lappie still in hand, I rushed to the office of one of the project managers to discuss about the audit issues, while trying to solve my system’s problem(s). Alas. Bad. Boss had asked earlier this morning why didn’t I check before that. Hmm… what can I say… I didn’t know I have to check for that one until like 2-3 weeks ago? And seriously, what’s the point of me finding it out after when everything is completed? The rice would STILL be already COOKED! And there’s no way where I can cover it up! *Knock my head against the wall*

Sometimes, especially recently… I wondered what kind of job I’m doing. Checking and checking, and covering up the loopholes and truths. I can imagine myself wearing a jumpsuit, covering with dirt, and mending the holes on the walls with a fake beautiful wall behind me. DAMN.

3.18 – It’s amazing when my handphone’s battery is still at 83%. I could hardly believe what I’m seeing! That goes to show how BUSY I am today. Sigh… Okay. Back to work. You too.

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