It can begin as early as 3 months old or as late as 1 year old (or even later for some rare cases), that’s what I read from all over. I guess it really depends on individual.

At 6 months old, I begin to wonder when is her milk teeth coming out. There was totally no signs of it, not even just the tip of one of it. And friends had been asking me if her teeth are out because their babies one came out, not just 1 but almost allĀ of the first 4 teeth, both older and younger than her by a few months.

I started to wonder if her diet is lack of some nutrients or minerals and thus the slow speed. But it seems like, as much as teeth will grow healthily if there’s enough nutrition etc., there’s no way the speed can be controlled. And it shouldn’t be.

So, I started to wait and finally when she’s almost 7 months, the tip of one came out. Hardly noticeable, but it’s painful when she bites your finger. What can I say? Every child is unique. There’s no point comparing how much one grows and worrying too much about it if she’s not as up to speed as the others. So long it’s not WAY out, I guess it’ll do just fine.

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