Blog #0562

How do you like the new cartoon-like interface?

Well, just thought of changing it to something more colourful to brighten up this (sometimes) boring and dull world. And I’m quite amaze that I can actually (almost) finished this while I’m busy tending to the little one. I didn’t even touch my Candy Crush and now it’s still stuck at level 265.


Baby’s recovering, thankfully. Though she’s still coughing, the fever had subsided and so has the running nose. I’m only hoping now that my mum will recover soon, too, and that my dad won’t be the next one who gets sick (he’s a little “ti ki” – stubborn).


Stopping here. Tomorrow I’m going back to the office and I needed the rest. Otherwise I’ll probably be the one who will get sick.

Goodnight to all. Sweet dreams and sleep tight.

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