Blog #0563

6.36am – Rise and shine. It’s a brand new morning and the lil’ hub is feeding little milkie while I’m pumping my milk. Having headaches but there’s still a need to work. Ah… life…

8.42am – Crap. I’m SOOOOOOO smart. Changed my lanyard and took out the access cards from the old one BUT… I forgot to take my drawer’s key… *CRY* Luckily I don’t have any important in it (e.g. the lappie). Sigh…

9.29am – Crap. I forgotten to wear my wedding band! =.=”’ Now I’m wondering what else will I forget next. TMD.

9.44am – Great. The earrings not there… =.=”’ WHAT ELSE?!!! Sigh…

10.26am – The room is finally once again available for my usage. The auditors had left and I won’t need to pump in the restroom anymore, at least for the next 3 months.

Hmm… I wonder how little milkie is doing. Let’s call back.

10.30am – She’s still sleeping since we left for work. *envy*

2.26pm – There’s a new Esprit outlet in AMK hub! Ah. Too bad I found it a tad too late. But it’s okay, there’s always another chance.

3.58pm – The day is not even over yet and I’ve got 5 NEW items on my list now. SUCKS.

4.51pm – Yeah! I’ve got a free ride home later! Woohoo!

7.39pm – *PISSED*

8.43pm – So happy that the lil’ hub came over instead of going home. Ah… nowadays I just feel like keeping him by my side… although he’s a little irritating at times.

11.33pm – Stop working. Stop working. Your brain is sleeping already. Sigh… what a day…

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