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9.17am – A very good morning to everyone. Today’s Friday, and thank God or whoever that’s the creator for making Saturday and Sunday a non-working day. Would be so great if you make Friday a non-working day too, and everyone will start saying, TGIT. *LOL* But of course, it’s not applicable for those who needs to work on the weekend.

Anyway, woke up this morning with a very dry throat and down 2 glasses of water in the hope to salvage it and got a nagging from my mum for still eating all those fried food. Little milkie started coughing quite badly only this morning, and my “doctor” mum deduced that it could be due to the fan (too strong) that’s blowing at her. I have no idea what to do next… aircon cannot, fan also cannot too strong…

Well, life still goes on, and I’m going to enjoy my cup of milo with biscuits now. Let’s hope I can clear my stuffs today. GANBATTE! *Starts looking at the never-ending-emails*

11.50am – Busy, busy, busy… Sigh… Sometimes I think my mum is a little too practical and conservative. It suddenly came to me that though my mum is relatively supportive of some of the things that I do, generally, for quite a big bulk of it, she isn’t. Such as one simple thing – baking a cake and decorating it with fondant. She finds that totally a waste since we won’t be eating it. BUT… if I don’t practise it, then HOW can I perfect it?

And then I’ve got my dad who… hmm… let’s just say money can be earned back (at least easier for me) still at this point and I would rather spend the money then let my dad to be in a more “dangerous” position. Have you seen the Yahoo news today on the “Countries to avoid”. Well, it’s under “Avoid some areas”, and I just have that feeling that the place he’s going should be the areas to be avoided. *LOL*

Okay, let’s go back to work. Sigh… *Starts looking at the document, again*

2.47pm – Ah… My little milkie is sooooooo cute! *admiring her photos*

3.24pm – Feeling sick… >.<

3.56pm – Sometimes I really feel like shouting out, LOUD, in Mandarin… BU YAO BI WO!!! (a.k.a. Do not force me). You see… I know it’s driving you crazy. It drives me crazy too. As much as you wanted those changes, I would love to, TOO. But then I can’t just change as and when I like for it involves quite a number of people. Though I have the rights and ability to do it, the system is for everyone to use, not just me and you. I WOULD take your point into consideration and see what alternatives are there and if it’s feasible, for you don’t mind doesn’t mean other people don’t mind doing that extra step too.

Anyway, I shall keep you updated but for now, let’s just let me concentrate on my other work…

P/S: I just need to get it off my chest. I know it’s just work… Sigh… work… TGIF!!! ENDURE!!

4.49pm – Have a break. Have a bowl of cold soya beancurd.

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