Blog #0569

12.17am – She laid asleep, turning to the side. Her body was moving up and down slowly and steadily with her breathing. One of her tiny hands was touching the care bear soft toy that I bought for her while her right leg went over the little bolster. Pacifier was half dropping out of her mouth.

Alas… how adorable can this be?

Hmm… now… why does this position suddenly reminded me of how I slept while she’s still in my womb?

7.46am – This is such a sinful dream…

8.47am – I’m going to be late for meeting… *POUT* Don’t feel like working today.

9.29am – Meeting now.

9.32am – Wow… Clans forming…

9.47am – Okay. Concentrating on meeting now. *BYE…*

11.15am – It felt like getting struck by a lightning when I heard the news. WTH? Postponing it to 2014? That would simply only means I’m going to be stuck with it for at least another year?!!!

*Mood gone from bad to worse*

2.10pm – The mood’s still bad even though I had a very heavy meal (probably too heavy for me), and ran some errands. Just can’t seem to set things right with the tons of things that’s still pending for my actions. Baby needs me. Lil’ hub needs me. Mum needs me. Work needs me. I need me.

I’m so tired. *YAWN*

4.14pm – The brain had gone into hibernating mode.

4.18pm – Just called back home. It’s time for little milkie’s medicine time. Poor little thing… yesterday the doctor gave her a new medicine which tasted really medicine and she hated it. Sigh… Hope she recovers soon…

Ah… she looks like such a big girl now… going 9 months… *admiring her photos again*

Time… flies…

5.16pm – I’m still alive! OMG! =.=”’ 14 minutes more… TAHAN!

5.21pm – Ho… ho… ho… free ride home… but… that would also mean… it’s going to be more than 14 minutes… =.=”’

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