Blog #0570

9.20am – The virus are spreading again. I need to take cover… Hi, good morning! It’s back to work on a… erm… Wednesday morning? *LOL* Oops. Weather’s good. Mood’s still quite alright for now. Work load’s the same as usual – extremely heavy. Yes, so it’s… back to work now!

10.12am – Time for a break! Shall go for my pump now. Ah… cleared some emails. Heehee… where should I go later?

10.56am – Am back.

12.22pm – Back from my early lunch. Nice… peace and quiet with only a few peeps around. Hmm…

12.39pm – *Look left, look right* Doesn’t feel right…

2.34pm – A group of managements came out from the meeting room laughing and chatting with each other joyfully and suddenly, there seems to be an increase of superficiality in the air. Hmm… humans. Making things even more complicated than it already is.

4.41pm – Yippee!! I finished today’s planned tasks! And that’s like 5 of them! Shall try and continue to be a little bit more discipline tomorrow too. Now… I’m going for my pump!

5.02pm – Is there a fire drill today?? *… the bell continues to ring…*

5.04pm – What do you do when you only pumped 10 minutes and the fire alarm continues to ring? Hmm… I guess… you have to stop since you don’t remember any drill, and you don’t really want to wait till the last minute before you move your butt.

5.07pm – No lift. Damn.

5.11pm – False fire alarm??! WHO THE HELL PLAYED WITH THE FIRE ALARM!!!!

10.14pm – Backing up the photos in my deskie now. Sucks. Too long never use, didn’t realise that the mouse’s scroller is dead. -.-”’

10.39pm – I’ve got a kuku husband.

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