Blog #0571

7.45am – I hate 8.30am meeting.

8.15am – I hate 8.30am meeting.

8.27am – I hate 8.30am meeting.

8.39am – I’m in the 8.30am meeting.

3.38pm – It really is frustrating when you can’t get the oldies on the phone. *pissed* And dad’s not at home… (the only person holding a reachable handphone)

4.18pm – Okay. What are the possibilities of 3 different home lines engaged, where 2 are digital and 1 is not. Hmm… doesn’t seem to have any link… unless… there’s a power cut? Sigh… damn it. Can’t get through their handphone too. What’s the point of holding one when it’s either switched off or batteries dead???

4.49pm – Let’s try one more time… … *engaged* Is there an alien around that area?? Half an hour more, better rush home after that.

4.57pm – One phone spoiled, one hung the phone so that nephew can sleep, one chatting on the phone? Hmm… but that’s like an hour already!

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